Best Annuals and Perennials for Colorado

Photo Credit: Mike Weber

Best Annuals and Perennials for Colorado

The biggest question we get is, what is the difference between annuals and perennials. Well, annuals are plants that only grow and bloom for a season and they don’t come back. Perennials are plants that come back each and every year, with proper care of course. A way we like to remember is that annuals have to be bought annually, they have to be replaced yearly. And perennials are permanent (in some sense). Hopefully that helps a little bit when it comes to deciding on whether you want annuals or perennials for your landscape in Colorado.

The best annuals and perennials for Colorado really depend on what you wish to accomplish in your garden or landscape. Something that we like to implement in our designs is the use of color year round. We make sure that we have vibrant colors in the spring and summer, and still keep the uplifting splash of greenery in the fall and winter.

When selecting which annuals or perennials that you want for your landscape make sure they are suitable for your landscape, the placement, the exposure, and watering in that area. Another thing to keep in mind is if they are compatible with other near by plants. What we mean by this is making sure that short plants that need direct sunlight are not right next to or under other tall plants. We want to make sure each plant is getting the proper requirements.

As we said, the best annuals and perennials for Colorado really depend on each specific circumstance. However, we’ve put together a nice list of our favorite annuals and perennials that we like to work with.


Pansy – Ladies Delight
Snap Dragons
Mexican Floss Flower
Fountain Grass


Hummingbird’s Mint
Ornamental Grass
False Indigo
Balloon Flower
Snow In Summer
California Poppy

That’s a list of just a few that we like to work with. We like these for different reasons, such as hardiness, color, bloom, and size. There are many others, and many other great choices for you to choose from. We are more than happy to consult with you about what will look great in your landscape.